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Episode 011: What The Frak Was That?!

episode11To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the premiere of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, Perry finally watched the entire series from beginning to end. He and Johnny discuss the things they liked about the show and then go on to totally eviscerate the cop-out crotch-punch of a finale.

Episode 009: Our Top 10 Geek Flicks

episode9We take a break from the usual format to come up with our very first Top 10 list! The rules were simple—we each came up with our ten favorite geek films and also had several alternates to fall back on in case our lists had any duplicates. Surprisingly, our lists were pretty different, with only a few similarities. Not only that, but we’ve still got the same off-topic bullshit, and Perry shares his conspiracy theory about the Fantastic Four reboot!