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Episode 10: Agent Carter and Spidey in the MCU

episode10In our first live episode, we discuss the addition of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the latest episodes of Agent Carter, The Flash, Arrow, and Constantine, the Fantastic Four reboot trailer, and more. Plus, Johnny may finally be giving up on Gotham and Perry finally gets around to watching Battlestar Galactica…six years after it ended.

Episode 008: Did They Get My Dick Message?

geekscreen-008We’re back again, this time to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy! We’ve kind of mentioned it in passing a few times, but here we sit down and have a chat about it, including sharing what we know about the different incarnations—Johnny is more familiar with the classic Guardians from the future while Perry knows more about the Guardians that the movie was based on. Also some (by now) outdated news!

Episode 006: Thor and Princess Amidala vs. Dr. Who

geekscreen-006In this episode that we recorded months before we got around to uploading it, we talk about some news that has already been discussed to death and go on random tangents, plus Johnny’s dad has a warning for listeners about potatoes.  Somewhere in the midst of all this nonsense, we discuss Thor: The Dark World. We’d tell you about Johnny’s hilarious recap, but you’re better off listening to it yourself.